The Environmental Impact of Eating Fish

Eating fish may be a considered by many a vast improvement over the Standard American diet (SAD), but most people fail to realize that the consumption of aquatic animals comes with its own set of issues.

Truth is the promise of fish-eating being healthier, more sustainable, better for the environment and more ethical than the consumption of land animals is nothing more than a “fishy” propaganda.

Besides contributing directly to human disease through the toxicity of its products, the seafood industry is killing fish by the billions causing enormous damage to marine ecosystems throughout the world.

We are facing the collapse of all fished species in under 40 years if we don’t make some serious changes. The frightening news that by mid-century there will no longer be fish in the ocean as we know it.

Since the mid-1980s, the international fishing industry’s capacity has increased every year, and yet over the same period, the amount of fish actually caught and killed for food has decreased every year.…

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Interview with Steffi DeRobertis, Plus Her Favorite Mac-N’-Cheese Recipe

I found Steffi’s website while browsing online for vegan recipe sites. She has many amazing recipes on her blog that I are completely new territory for me, inlcluding Mom’s Goulash, Chocolate Coconut Quinoa Gluten Free Cookies, and Mac-and-Cheese (I never make mac and cheese at home, not even in pre-vegan days, but this one includes cashews and walnuts, so I’m going to try it! I’m sure my son will enjoy it.)

Name: Steffi Derobertis
Location: Southern California
Occupation: Full time working mom
Blog Name: Don’t Fear the Vegan
Facebook: Don’t Fear The Vegan
Twitter: @dontfearvegan Interview

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Fish Is a Healthy Food: Fact or Fiction?

We hear it all the time, from doctors, dieticians, fitness trainers, and our mothers: we must eat fish to thrive and be healthy. For their fats (omega 3s), vitamin D, and protein. Even people who consider themselves vegetarians, often admit that they eat fish.

There is so much misinformation surrounding the eating of fish and seafood that we fail to see that we have been talked into consuming a food that is really not so good for us (or for the environment; and especially for the fish and other sea life, for that matter).

One reason is high toxicity. Fish absorb and intensely concentrate toxins like PCBs, dioxins, radioactive substances, heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic.

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Happy Easter Crafts to Do With Your Family & Friends

Every year, millions of people around the world celebrate Easter by hunting for brightly colored eggs and goody baskets filled with chocolate bunnies and other sweet treats.

But Easter is no picnic for chickens on egg farms, who suffer tremendously so that we can enjoy our eggs and sweet treats.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. This year, why not plan a compassionate, egg-free Easter celebration that gives everyone, including chickens, a reason to celebrate?

Here are some craft ideas from bloggers for having a compassionate, hen-friendly holiday (recipes for egg-free dishes coming soon!):


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Montclaire Vegan Meetup with Veggie Girl

Two weeks ago I participated in my first vegan meetup. Since I became vegan about a year ago, I feel very isolated sometimes in among all the meat-eating family members and friends. So meeting vegans and going to vegan potluck was great – no need to wonder about the ingredients. Plus it’s a fee therapy…

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Making Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy & Reflecting on Global Climate Change

What do oatmeal chocolate chip cookies have in common with the Hurricane Sandy and global climate change? Let me explain.

I live in Northern New Jersey, in an area that has been affected by the recent hurricane Sandy.

I’m grateful that my family has not been greatly affected by this disaster, even though our area got a lot of flooding and trees had been broken.…

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The Rotten Truth About Eggs: What Everyone Needs to Know About Eggs, Including Organic, Free-Range & Cage-Free

Most people have no idea when they have an egg how it’s connected to cruelty. And if anybody has an idea about factory farming, they rarely make the connection between dairy and eggs, because they think the animals aren’t being killed. That is why I believe it’s really important to get this information out, because egg farms are some of the most abusive enterprises in terms of animal cruelty.…

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Where Do You Get Your Calcium? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Dairy Products

Where Do You Get Your Calcium? is a question that often comes up in conversations about vegan diet. Fact is, animal-protein foods, such as meat, eggs, and dairy products, are highly acidic and produce poisonous byproducts when they are broken down so the body buffers the toxins with calcium before they are eliminated. This depletes calcium reserves in the body, including the bones, so the benefit of dietary intake of calcium from animal products is cancelled. …

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Benefits of Plant Based Diet: CNN Interview Where Doctors Explain Healthy Way for Bill Clinton’s Dramatic Weight Loss

There are many physicians who recommend whole plant food diet to their patients. If you want more information from a licensed physician, I highly recommend that you read books by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Books by T.C. Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Barnard, and many others also promote this lifestyle.

Listen to this interview on CNN where two prominent doctors, Dr. Ornish and Dr. Esselstyn, explain healthy way for Bill Clinton’s dramatic weight loss and improved health.

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