Green Reset Challenge Continues: The Importance of Proper Equipment

My motto is always “Start where you are” and I encourage everyone to start making and drinking green smoothies and juices with whatever blender or juicer you may have, HOWEVER there are situations when it may be necessary to look into alternatives because your current equipment may not suitable for your needs.

There are two scenarios when I see that happening.

Scenario #1. Your blender or juicer is not easy to use, or not convenient enough for you to use CONSISTENTLY to establish a ROUTINE that leads to lifelong HABIT.

Based on my personal experience (you can read about it below and here), I can tell you if you are having trouble sticking with your routine due to “technical difficulties,” then it may be a good time to look into some alternatives to make it easier for yourself.

Scenario #2. You have a serious medical condition, such as malignant cancer, in which case you want to maximize the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, and get the best equipment available to help your body heal itself. 

For most people of average health, just adding smoothies and juices to their daily diet, and then removing harmful foods will make a big difference. It will even allow the body to heal most of the common chronic conditions. However, in some situations, such as malignancy, your body may need something more. In this case I recommend checking the recommendations of the Gerson Institute here.

I’m assuming that most of the participants of this challenge are not dealing with life-threatening conditions, so I believe the best course of action is start where you are with what you have, and then build upon your routine to take it to the next level.

Here is how it’s being happening for me.

Years ago, when I discovered juicing (that was long ago before the Green Smoothie Era) and bought my first juicer, it wasn’t easy for me to establish a consistent juicing routine. I was working full time outside of home, and only juicing from time to time, not regularly at all.

Then, a few years later, I discovered green smoothies and started making them, and it was love at first sip – they were so easy to make, and so delicious. However, even with smoothies – although there is nothing easier than blending your ingredients and drinking them, no preparation, no cleanup – it wasn’t until I decided to invest in Vitamix that my  routine really took off.

I have to say my husband thought I was crazy when I requested that we buy a $500 blender for my birthday, but he agreed.

Having Vitamix took my smoothies to the next level—they were so much tastier, smoother (my son who was refusing to drink chunky smoothies, so I couldn’t really use tougher ingredients, such as kale, started LOVING them, and DEVOURING them), I could start making more smoothie at once in a larger container, so everyone in my family could enjoy them, plus I started making puddings, and other stuff that the other blender just couldn’t handle.

These days, I’m using my Vitamix about 2-4 times per day, every day, and this ROUTINE that I now have – to start the day with a big green smoothie, has become a HABIT that I don’t really think about any more, and it made enormous difference in my health.

So for a few years, I stopped juicing completely, because I was so in love with smoothies. However, I didn’t completely forget about juicing. I knew that juicing can have huge benefits, and has some big advantages over smoothies, to boot.

Also, my husband who wasn’t drinking as many smoothies as I would like him to, mainly because he likes savory smoothies or smoothies with little or no fruit, which I don’t make as often (and that’s because my son doesn’t like those); plus my husband never really learned to make his own smoothies (– I’m really not sure why).  So, one day he got sick (and it was second or even third time that season when he came down with some nasty cold, with high fever and was feeling really badly), I left him at home lying on the couch, feeling all miserable, and went shopping. I’d heard of the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” before, and when I went to “Bed, Bath and Beyond” and saw Breville juicer on sale bundled with the movie, I purchased it on the spot, went and bought some fruits and veggies at my local farmer’s market, and brought it all home.That day I made us a whole pitcher of juice and we watched the movie. Thus our juicing routine was re-born.

Now we make juices regularly, and it’s usually my husband who is making them. In large part it’s thanks to the juicer. I love Breville because it’s so easy to use compared to my previous juicer, so it literally takes a few minutes to make the juice and clean it up. My previous juicer was really small, so I really had to chop everything into small pieces to make sure they fit into the chute. It had some other problems, too, namely, if not put together properly it was getting into very strange vibration and was getting super loud, so really it was NO FUN to use.

So, now I’m thinking that was a big reason why I never established a smoothie and juicing routine before was that it just wasn’t EASY enough,CONVENIENT enough, and FAST enough — and switching to a different blender and juicer made all the difference.

Smoothie Maker Vitamix

What’s important, too, my husband is frequently making juices (and he NEVER makes smoothies, I don’t remember him ever making a smoothie—I’m really not sure why that is). Breville is fast and has big opening for your produce, so most of the fruits and veggies, such as apples, beets, carrots, cucumbers can be inserted whole, without any chopping, and the juice it’s making is delicious. Now I know that the quality of the juice can be higher with a masticating juicer, but right now the most important thing for me is that I make juice on a regular basis. Almost perfect juice is better than no juice at all, right?

A year ago I signed up for a Juice Guru Certification program, and completed the course becoming a Certified Juice Guru Coach. I deepened my knowledge about juicing and how to help others start juicing and use juicing and smoothies to heal their bodies. I recently learned about Tribest juicer, and I’m planning to make this investment.

I’m looking at smoothies and juicing not as something I do from time to time, as part of this challenge, for example, but long term.

I realize I’m not getting any younger (aren’t we all, sight!), and I’ve made my share of nutritional mistakes in my life (haven’t we all!), and I’ll probably keep doing them in the future, too, from time to time.

However, after learning about the tremendous power of green smoothies and freshly made juices, and reading/seeing /listening to people who literally turned their health around thanks to the power of fresh, raw plant foods, and are staying healthy well into their eighties and nineties, I want that too for myself–and for you too, if you care to join me.

Two super-inspiring examples that come to mind are Jay Kordich, the Father of Juicing, who is now 91, who in his twenties healed himself of deadly cancer and has been healthy and preaching the power of juicing ever since. Another one is Charlotte Gerson, who is in her 90s, the daughter of the founder of the Gearson Institute that helps people with cancer and other diseases heal with the power of food.

I’ll be writing about them more soon, as well as about others who used food, and specifically raw foods and juices to heal themselves of life-threatening diseases and are living testaments of what juicing and proper diet can do for health and longevity.

To Your Health,



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