Green Reset Challenge Week 1: Assignments

How are you doing so far?

Have you had your smoothie today?

Or, at least, have you done your grocery shopping yet?

If you still haven’t had a chance to do it, I hope that you’ll soon go and get yourself fresh ingredients for some amazing green smoothies!

I just brought home a few bags of fruits, greens, veggies and other stuff–lot’s of it, because I’m not just doing smoothies, but also juicing. (Probably bought more than I need, but I only go once a week to Trader Joe’s, which is the closest place that I have that has decent organic produce.)

You too may have to make some research to find good places that sell fresh fruits and veggies, which is not necessarily the place that you are doing your grocery shopping right now–we’ll talk about shopping strategies and saving money on ingredients more as we go along.

So, here are your downloads below:


Week 1- Challenge Assignment

and if you haven’t already:

Week 1- Challenge Recipes & Shopping List


Green Reset Challenge Assignment

Since we are just starting out, I also want you to reflect on WHY you are doing this and record the BEFORE version of you by taking any photos.

Now, as I said before, let’s not kid ourselves here: I know that by drinking one big green smoothie or juice today you are not going to see dramatic difference in your body weight or your health tomorrow.

However, I assure you that if you stick with this simple little habit for the long haul – the impact it may have on your life OVER TIME is far beyond what you can envision right now.

Knowing WHY you are doing this will make sticking with it easier.

For me, I want to be healthy and active as long as I can to continue doing the work that I’m passionate about, and make a much bigger difference in the world than anything that I have accomplished so far. I believe I still have lots ahead of me, the world needs my energy and my ideas (as it needs yours!), even if I’m only one person–history shows us that each individual can make a difference, and we don’t really know when the tipping point happens until we look back and say–“So that’s when it all started!” We are living in very interesting, fast-changing world which requires our full participation–and I’m definitely want to do that. I’m inspired when I’m looking at individuals who are in their 80s or 90s, such as Jay Kordich or Charlotte Gearson, who are still making a difference.

So honestly give yourself the answer to the question:

Why are you here? Why have you joined this challenge?


Why is it really REALLY important to you?

Answer honestly. It would be great if you can actually write out your answer in a journal or on a designated file.

It’s not really about drinking this or that, losing x amount of weight or whatever. It’s about what lies beneath that.

Also, go ahead and write down the following…

  • What does a typical day’s eating and exercising (physical activity) look like for you at the moment? Note it down, quickly – don’t over analyze, just write down the gist.
  • What feels right?
  • What feels really wrong, icky, ugh or just uncomfortable (note: this might even be stuff that you think you’re doing right – write it down anyway)
  • What are you proud of about the way you eat lately?
  • How are you feeling right now? How is your energy level? Your health? Your skin?
  • Take note of everything that’s bothering you, as well as everything that you are happy about.

Here are some ways you might like to record where you’re at today – the starting point of this challenge:

  • Photos or a single photo
  • Quick measurements with a tape: waist, butt at biggest point, chest
  • Body fat measurements if possible
  • A piece of clothing
  • It’s up to you if you want to take specific measurements.


Again, here are your downloads for Week 1:


Week 1- Challenge Assignment

and if you haven’t already:

Week 1- Challenge Recipes & Shopping List


If you haven’t read the first post about the Green Reset Challenge, you’ll find it here: Green Smoothies & Domino Effect: Let’s Kick of the Green Reset Challenge Already!

Submit your comments and questions, and stay tuned for next instructions for the challenge!

To Your Health,


You can download The Introduction to the Green Reset Challenge, Sample Week 1 Recipes, Shopping List and Assignments here:



About The Green Reset Challenge, RECIPES & SHOPPING LIST for Week 1

Week 1- Challenge Assignment


Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Submit your comments below, and stay tuned for Week 2 of the challenge!

PS. Also, I invite you to join my monthly membership program GREEN RESET FORMULA MEMBERSHIP, where you can sign up and receive more recipes and tips for this challenge and beyond, as well as participate all the future DETOX CLEANSES that I’m planning (including a smoothie/juicing fast coming up soon) to take your health to the next level, health tips, meal plans, shopping lists receive all these materials in a more organized way, with lots of PDF downloads (such as the weekly shopping list above), Kindle/ebook downloads, recipes and tips, and much more!…. You can sign up right now for just $1, then 19.95 per month.

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  1. Mariah

    I started this challenge to get more vegetables and fruits in my diet. I noticed that I had been eating less and less of vegetables and fruits the past months. I hope to get healthier, lose some weight, and feel better.

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