Omni Blender Review: Is It The Blender For YOU?

In order to prepare delicious-tasting green smoothies and other raw dishes with ease, you need to have a good quality smoothie blender at your disposal.

By that I mean a powerful, heavy-duty blender that can withstand years of daily use (and abuse):-).

Most blenders that you can buy online and in department stores are mediocre and will only partially blend green smoothies. They don’t fully blend tough greens, their containers are usually very small, and they don’t last long.

[box type=”info”] The problem with not properly blending tough green is that your body will not be able to absorb the nutrients that are “imprisoned” in the tough cellulose walls of these plants. For best absorption these foods need to be in a liquified form, which is normally achieved by proper chewing. However, most people don’t chew their foods sufficiently – which is why the blender is so useful. It chews the food for us![/box]

What you need is a powerful blender, with a plunger and a giant container, that can make you not only green smoothies, but also raw ice-cream, raw soups, dressings, and more.

The problem is that many of these heavy-duty blenders are expensive. Blendtec and Vitamix are both excellent blenders, but we are talking at least $400 for a basic model.

Many people want a powerful blender, but are not ready to shell out the high price of these brands.

So I’m always on the lookout for blenders that are powerful, meet the high quality standards, and don’t break the bank.

Recently I discovered another blender that seemed to meet ALL of our criteria, and also a lot cheaper.

It’s called the Omni Blender.

Omni Blender Features

Here are some of the features of this machine according to the manufacturer:

* ON/OFF Switch with ON-Indicator light.

* Overload Reset – prevents overheating or overloading for motor safety. You do not have to wait until the motor cools down. The Omni Motor does not overheat. It is equipped with a cooling-energy-optimized program.

* Pulse feature. The motor will operate on high as long as you depress the pulse button.

* 3 Speeds (Low, Medium, High). Medium starts on LOW and moves automatically up to Medium within about 2 or 3 seconds after depressing the soft touch key button. High starts also on LOW and moves to MEDIUM, and then to HIGH in about 3 to 4 seconds time. This automatic speed increase is designed to give you more power blending up ingredients.

* 3 Timer settings (35, 60, and 90 seconds). All 3 timer settings start at LOW, then go to MEDIUM, and then to HIGH in about 3 to 4 seconds after start-up. The 60 second timer setting is programmed with one auto-stop at about half time. And the 90 second timer setting has 3 evenly divided up auto-stops programmed. The auto-stop feature helps to turn over the ingredients. When the blender during its blending cycle starts up again, it then begins at LOW, goes to MEDIUM, and then to HIGH.

* 12 Gauge Power Cable with Ground Protection. The power cord is usually rolled up on the bottom of the blender motor housing.

* 64 oz (2 Liter) container from food-safe Polycarbonate material with a heat/melting point which is over 250 degrees Fahrenheit, approved by the European Commission for Food Safety, the FDA, and Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Accordingly Food-Safe Polycarbonate material is stronger, harder, and has a higher melt point than Copolyester.

* Tamper access and Emergency Tamper – always a good thing when blending tough ingredients.

* Multi-purpose blade with 6 knives. You can blend anything from dry to wet ingredients. In other words, it is both, a wet and dry blade… a multi-purpose blade.

* You can blend with the OMNI blade all grains, ice, fruit, greens, vegetable, make soup, drinks, desert, blend nuts, etc…  You do not have to use a different blade for blending ice or grains, etc…

* Warranty – OmniBlender.COM LLC offers a 7 years warranty on all parts of the 3 hp blender and 7 years for labor.

You can check it out yourself at the Omni Blender website here.

Omni Blender: Should You Buy It?

I haven’t used it myself (since, as you know, I am a happy user of Vitamix, I will not be on the market looking to buy another blender for a long time – unless I move back to Europe), so I cannot really talk about this blender from my own experience.

I looked online to check our some customer reviews of this machine. I have found many enthusiastic reviews by happy users of the Omni blender. Then I looked on Amazon and there it seems that the reviews are not so positive.

So, I recommend that you do your research and decide for yourself if this is a good option for you. However, it certainly seems to be a good alternative. Plus, it’s a new product on the market, so hopefully with time, there will be more satisfied customers and reviews.

You can check it out yourself at the Omni Blender website here.

Omni Blender1 OMNI Blender 110 Volt with 1 – 64oz Jar
$250.00 + s&h (note, the competitor blenders are $450. The Omni V is very competitive. There is no need to over-price it).

  • OMNI Blender 3 hp motor base 110 volt
  • 1 PolyCarbonate 64 Oz Jar and lid with 6-knives multi-purpose blades (better than competitors’)
  • 1 Plastic Emergency Tamper
  • 7 Year limited Warranty on blender motor, 1 year on Jar and drive socket.
  • FREE Recipe book (hard copy) included in package “Deliciously Raw” by Carmella Soleil – Raw Chef


NOTE: Shipping in the US is about $25 on this item.

Click here to visit the company website

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

If you have a favorite recipe, why not submit it here in the comment section of this smoothie recipes blog for others to enjoy too!

I also welcome any comments, questions and suggestions. Thanks!


  1. thomas

    Hi, I am with the OMNIBLENDER.COM / company. We sell the Omni Blender. you have reviewed the omni blender as a “back up” because there might be some Amazon negative customer service reviews and the blades get rusty… I would like to elaborate please.

    I have to say, that the high-priced blenders too run into blade and even jar-breakage problems. and customer service is much worth in big companies than in small ones. Plus Amazon has some biases themselves, and so does eBay and PayPal. You need to pay Amazon 15% commissions on every sale. They retaliate if you do not use them as a primary source. If you sell yourself you are a competitor to them. So, if you have some engagement with them, this is the ‘faked’ feedback result they give you.

    Bottom line, I trust an unbiased review system with for example CustomerLobby. Customers leave feedback is independent. customers leave feedback. We have no control over modifying the feedback. Customers leave most of the time a 5/5 star feedback, but sometimes a 4/5 and 3/5 star.

    We are replacing less than 1% of blades within 1 year of the purchase, which is a very low defect rate. Over 60% of our sales come through referrals, meaning that customers would not suggest the Omni blender if it were not up to par with it’s higher priced competitors. A major competitor sued 123Vita / LLC for unfair competition in 2011. The court ordered a consent judgement signed by all parties that the OMNIBlender.COM LLC company cannot be sued for patent infringement any more. And that speaks for the OMNI Blender’s competitiveness.

    It is interesting that there are people like you who seek to belittle the OMNI blender quality. you are an affiliate of our company and I don’t understand why make such a bias and negative OMNI blender review.

  2. Joanna

    Thank you for your comment. You are right, I should not provide negative review of your blender, especially since I haven’t used it. I based it on Amazon reviews (I often make my own buying decisions based on that), however, I do agree that they have to be taken with a grain of salt.

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