Pineapple Smoothie Recipe That Will Make You Smile! Plus How to Fix a Smoothie That You Don’t Love

Pineapple smoothies are delicious, reminding me of hot summer days on a beach and ice-cold pina colada.
As you already know I put greens practically into each recipe, as I don’t want to miss the opportunity to add more healthy nutrients to my drink. So this one is no different. All ingredients in this smoothie, from the bananas to the pineapple to the coconut to the greens provides a healthy source of vitamins and minerals that come together in a smoothie that is as good for you as it tastes.


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Perfect Smoothie For Spring: The Sunshine Booster Smoothie

We all crave sunshine at this time of the year. This recipe provides lots of sunshine in a glass. This spicy-sweet smoothie recipe is layered with dynamic flavors, a blend of tastes bordering between a Pina Colada and a turmeric-ginger juice. Ginger adds a delightful tanginess to this smoothie. Quite surprisingly (for me), ginger has become one of my favorite ingredients in smoothies lately. (If you asked me last year, I never used ginger in any of my recipes, and I would even tell you that I didn’t care for it.) It really makes this smoothie different from anything you ever tried and provides a super-dose of anti-inflammatory properties and a circulation-boosting buzz just when you need it. Coconut water adds electrolytes for an extra punch of hydration and a hint of sweetness. …

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Smoothie Recipes For Kids (and Adults): Healthy Green Smoothies Even Picky Eaters Can Enjoy!

Your children (and quite possibly your adult family members too) may be resistant to the idea to trying smoothie recipes with any green ingredients added, however, don’t despair!

In my experience, green fruit smoothie recipes for kids are always a success!

But, yes, you may need to use some tricks to encourage their consumption initially.

The great thing about green smoothies is that they disguise what might otherwise be unwelcome ingredients, including healthy leafy greens that may be eaten rarely or avoided completely.…

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