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I’m SUPER EXCITED to invite you to join my new program–the Green Reset REVOLUTION: Reset your BODY, Your HEALTH and Your LIFE–beginning with plant foods, but going far and beyond a simple body detox and cleanse.

Do you want to take your health to the next level?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Do you want to lose weight? Have more energy?
Feel and look years younger?…

What you are about to discover will help you achieve all these goals…and much more!

* Most people know that to be healthy and achieve the ideal weight they should be eating a healthy diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as other whole plant foods. However, very few people are able to actually DO that consistently EACH and EVERY DAY, and in quantities that really make a difference.

* Forget “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” or even the 3-5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables that are recommended by the authorities! If you tried that, and it didn’t work for you — don’t despair (and by the way, french fries and ketchup — don’t count!).

* If you are like most people, it’s not easy for you to eat so much of unprocessed plant foods on a regular basis: the preparation takes way too long, and the foods may not be your favorite (many people don’t naturally enjoy kale or broccoli or spinach).

* To really notice a difference, you need to take MASSIVE action – eating LOADS of fresh whole plant foods: especially greens, fruits and vegetables – and Green Reset Formula makes it really EASY and SIMPLE.

* Whether your goal is to improve your health, lose weight, get more energy, clear your skin, get sick less often — one habit that will help you tremendously to achieve your goals quickly is drinking green smoothies every day.

* It’s a habit that will only take 10-15 minutes of your time a day, and provide you with incredible benefits — it’s the highest-impact activity that you can undertake to improve your health and well-being. You only need 10 minutes to create a powerhouse of nutrition using green leafy vegetables, fruit, and a blender.

* The positive effects of drinking your green smoothie will be felt throughout the day. And, if you follow the formula, it will soon start positively affecting other areas of your life as well (because we cannot improve one are of our life without immediately affecting the others…).

* Plus, your spouse and your kids will love them, too – I promise!

* No longer hesitate to start eating healthy foods because it seems too confusing, because it’s too much work, or because you just don’t know what to do.

* I was really struggling before I discovered this system. Even though I thought I was already eating a healthy diet, I was not happy with my health, weight, and energy levels…but I found a solution that works perfectly for me, and I want to share it with you too!

* With Green Reset Formula — the recipes, the tips and tricks, email support, expert interviews, and live Q&A sessions, you’ll learn tricks and tips that will make it all easy and effortless…

… so you can do it too!

The Green Reset Formula will help you in 4 main areas:

Get Recipes, Shopping lists, Ebooks, motivational Tips & Tricks, Support Group, Q&A, and much more…

…so you can access it anytime, anywhere…

I used to get sick several times per year, until I started drinking green smoothies. Learn my tips and tricks to help you make your new routine Easy &successful!

How It All Began: How I Stumbled Upon the Green Reset Formula

When I had my son, about 10 years ago, in addition to gaining a lot of weight, I started to experience a lot of really annoying health issues: seasonal allergies that I never had before, strange skin rashes that wouldn’t go away, lack of energy, plus I was getting sick all the time, coming down with colds and flues several times per year, that lasted for weeks, instead of just a couple of days, like they usually do.

So I was really feeling miserable, just when I wanted to really be healthy and full of energy for my new baby, as well as my new business that I was starting online.

I decided to search for solutions — and I thought diet might be a big part of the puzzle, even though I believed I was already eating a healthy diet (as I was never into fast foods and lots of processed foods). I went to see several doctors, but they didn’t have any answers for me, when I asked them about whether changing my diet would help (as I suspected that that may be the answer), some doctors told me that diet has nothing to do with it, others told me that it might help, but they weren’t able to provide any specific advice.

I read a lot of books on health and nutrition, but some of the solutions that I came across were just to complicated, too time consuming, and just didn’t make sense for me.

At some point I got really frustrated and discouraged, and was ready to give up, because it seemed like whenever I found something new that looked promising — a product, information about latest research or discovery or diet, I immediately could find something else that contradicted that new information, as well as things I’d learned about health in the past! So all that research was only making me more and more CONFUSED.

You see, once you start researching, you can find literally thousands of websites and companies marketing all sorts of health products and weight loss advice and information and each of them sounds really convincing – even though they often contradict one another — and mind you, they all claim to be “scientifically proven and tested”- at least that’s what they say.

Fortunately I didn’t give up–and what I finally discovered allowed me to transform not just my own health — but the health of my family as well, in just a few weeks I begun to notice a difference, just by introducing a few simple habits that took only 15-20 minutes per day.

And that’s when I realized that I discovered the real secret to more energy and better nutrition that’s REALLY EASY for anyone to follow — even those who don’t have time and really hate kale and broccoli — which I know many people do – and that’s how the Green Reset Formula was born!

It’s really quite simple and common sense advice, and once you know it — it seems obvious, it just makes sense, but the problem is we are surrounded with so much misinformation about health and nutrition, so much conflicting advice, as well as we have so many habits that are so deeply ingrained, that they feel like a second nature to us to the point that we don’t question them any more. No wonder so many people just give up! and just do whatever — because why bother…right?

The Green Reset Formula helps you cut through that fog of misinformation — and information overload when it comes to health and nutrition– as well as break those habits that aren’t serving you well, and it does it in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program –which allows anybody to Reset & Transform their Health, Get More Energy & Mental Clarity by using the power of whole plant foods, starting with Green Smoothies & Juices.

The principles and habits that are at the core of the Green Reset Formula system are deceptively simple, yet they work every time and produce great results. They are based on principles that few people are familiar with — which allow not for just natural weight loss, but also optimal wellness.

So, who is this for? It’s especially useful everyone who’s pressed for time, who wants to get maximum leverage/results with minimum effort. For example, it’s perfect for busy moms & busy entrepreneurs, who want more energy, improved health, and natural weight loss without spending hours in the kitchen or in the gym.

As a mom, it’s really important to me that my child gets his share of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, without nagging and pleading — especially with all the unhealthy foods that he’s surrounded by in school and after school. With so many children being overweight, and coming down with preventable chronic diseases: diabetes, allergies, asthma and even heart disease–it’s really scary to think that my son could be one of them in the future. (If you’re worrying about what your kids eat, or if you have picky eaters at your home, Green Reset Formula is a perfect solution. It even comes a special section with tips and techniques that will work for even the pickiest eaters at your home).

The information that you will receive will help you, your family and your kids – improve your eating habits tremendously, beginning with my SUPER-EASY, SUPER_FUN, SUPER-FOOD green smoothie recipes!

I want everyone to start with drinking green smoothies and eating blended salads – instead of energy drinks, sodas, and eating all the junk food that seems to be everywhere we turn – as this simple habit will almost certainly help you feel better, lose weight and look younger. And it’s really SIMPLE and EASY to implement.

But this Green Reset Formula goes far beyond blending fruits and veggies– it will inspire and empower everyone who wants to listen and change their destiny.

You will have a guide that will literally take you by the hand, and tell you step by step, exactly what you need to do to get started on a path to better health, more youthful appearance, vibrant energy…and before you know it to improve other areas of your life too…

Plus, I don’t want to sound over the top, but there is even more. Truth is the changes that I experienced in my life, went far beyond my nutrition and health. While Green Reset starts with making a few simple changes in your diet, it’s created a ripple effect in my life far beyond what I originally envisioned. For example, it allowed me to reduce my ecological footprint (which is really important to me), as well as live more conscious and compassionate life — and there is even a special BONUS section in the program on how you can do just that.

So it’s really much more than just about changing your diet, losing a few pounds and improving your health (although these are all very important).

It’s about RESETTING your life and becoming a force for good in this world.
It provides strategies that will literally change your life.

All that in less than 15 minutes a day!

Green smoothies have been growing in popularity so quickly among the health and weight loss enthusiasts – they are SUPER HEALTHY, SUPER EASY to make, and SUPER TASTY too!

Here is what people say they experience once they start drinking green smoothies (these results are not guaranteed, but I challenge you to try it for yourself and find out if you can achieve them too):

* Increased energy levels: FEEL like a million bucks.

* Decreased cravings for sweets and processed food (thanks to green smoothies, dessert smoothies and meal replacement smoothies, which will all be covered in Week 1, 2, 3 and 4.)

* Better mood, positive attitude, clear mind.

* Improved digestion and quicker exit of foods: more regular and complete bowel movements.

* Acne improved or gone

* Stop getting sick all the time: banish the colds, infections, flu, allergies.

* Eliminate infections naturally without the need for antibiotics.

* Feel more energetic, have more zest for life, don’t feel so exhausted all the time.

* Protect yourself from the epidemic of chronic diseases.

* Lose weight naturally: drop a few dress sizes without struggling.

* Add beautiful glow to your skin and hair.

* Feel – and look – a couple of years younger.

* Saved money — you may never need to go to the doctor again or take expensive medications or supplements. This could save you thousands of dollars per year.

All this – and more – is possible, if you just take action each and every day.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5, 10, 20 years?

Are you satisfied with the level of health and well-being that you are experiencing right now?

Don’t you owe it to yourself – and to your loved ones – to make changes to your life?

Nothing will happen until you take action!

And it all starts today…

Green Reset Formula:
…. What You’ll Learn in Just 6 Weeks

The following is some of the content that will be covered during the 8 week program:

Week 1: Welcome to Green Reset Challenge!

* About Green Smoothie Reset Formula
* What Is Green Reset Program: The Perfect Diet For Health & Weight Loss
* What to Eat for Health & Perfect Weight
* Reset Your Health With Green Smoothies and Whole Plant foods
* Green Reset Recipes & Shopping List
* Sweet & Fruity Green Smoothie Recipes
* 7 Green Smoothie Recipes for Beginners
* Best Blenders to Use, As Well As Tips & Tricks That Will Work With Any Blender
* Green Reset Habit Forming Rituals (these are KEY to making sure this is not just another program that you buy, but don’t use long enough to benefit from…).
Week 2: Green Smoothie Detox Effect
* Why Do I Need to Detox?
* What to Do About Cleansing Reaction?
* More Green Smoothie Recipes
* Green Blended Soups & Salads
* 7 Tips for Successful Green Reset Routine
* Q&A
Week 3: Making it Stick With Meal Replacement Smoothies
* How to Make Smoothies That Are More Filling (so that you don’t feel hungry all the time)
* Thick Meal Replacement Smoothie Recipes (learn which ingredients work best to make those thick drinks)
* Green Reset Habit Forming Rituals
* How to Stop Food Cravings the Green Ninja Way
Week 4: Getting Family on Board & Dessert Smoothies
* Tips and Tricks for Picky Eaters (of Any Age)
* Top Sweeteners for Smoothies
* Delicious Dessert Smoothies
Week 5: Getting Juicy
* Why Juice?
* Juicing Versus Smoothies
* Which Juicer to Choose
* Juicing without a Juicer (yes, it can be done)
* Juicer Recommendations (does it even matter which juicer you use?
Week 6: Soups! Raw & Cooked Tips and Tricks
Tips and Trick for Deliciously Creamy & Tasty Soups– without the Guilt
* Over 20 Raw Soup Recipes
* Over 40 Cooked Soup Recipes

BONUS RECIPES INSIDE: Green Blended Soups!


BONUS #1: What to Eat Beyond Smoothies, Juices & Blended Salads

BONUS #2: Green Reset Raw Detox

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Our bodies are very resilient, but if we keep abusing them, they finally start to break down at one point or another.

You have probably tried different diets before and you know that dieting doesn’t work. In fact a shocking 98% of ALL diets fail!

Calorie restriction is the reason most diet’s work – it doesn’t matter if you’re on Weight Watchers, the South Beach Diet or the Zone – but they only work in the very VERY short term.

Long term they leave you fat, sick and miserable.

Plus they damage your relationship with food.

Food is your friend, food is your fuel, food is what your body needs to function.

What you need is to see food as the fuel your body needs to thrive, the beauty food your body can assimilate with ease, replenish and rejuvenate your tired and aging cells so that you can become the most beautiful you have EVER been.
The biggest mistake you can make is to go on a diet and restrict your calories.

Have you heard of Starvation Mode? This is what your body does to protect you when there isn’t enough food around. Your body doesn’t know the difference between a famine and a diet. When there isn’t enough fuel coming in, your body slows its metabolism and begins storing as much fat as possible.

As soon as you come off the diet (which of COURSE you will, eventually, how long can you starve?) your body will pack on much more fat than before, to keep you safe for ‘next time’ the famine hits.

When are you finally going to get tired enough of the merry-go-round and decide to get off?

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