How to Cook Perfect Basmati Rice: 3 Easy Methods that Produce Perfect Rice Every Time

Basmati rice is different from many other types of rice in that it is drier; for example, it is drier than sushi rice. Perfect basmati rice will have separate fluffy rice grains, without any rice that is undercooked or overcooked. Jennifer Bachman has been making gluten free foods for her family for over 3 years now. She uses her rice cooker almost daily for all sorts of easy one-pot healthy meals.

Basmati Rice

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Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Brussels sprouts are related to cabbage, broccoli and kale, and they even look like miniature cabbages. Brussels sprouts, as other brassicas, contains sulforaphane, a chemical believed to have potent anticancer properties.

You might find that you have a certain feeling about Brussels sprouts. In fact, for most of you that feeling might be Ewwwwww!

If so, you may want to reconsider once you try these Brussel sprouts recipes.…

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Veggie Sushi Wraps Recipe, Plus 2 Compelling Reasons To Skip Fish In Your Sushi

Green smoothies is just one way to eat your greens. I love smoothies because they are easy and effortless, but don’t stop there. Get creative. Get fancy. Why not use your greens as veggie wraps in veggie sushi rolls.

If you love sushi, like many people do, you may wonder, Why vegetable sushi? Why not just have the real thing. All of us heard about the benefits of eating fish, especially for their Omega-3 content. Plenty of publications have been written about the wonders of fish and fish oil – not to mention the various brands of dietary supplements that are now available in every health food store and pharmacy.

So, why veggie sushi? Well, aside the fact that this is a veggie-centered site, there are some important reasons why I’m going to try to convince you to skip the fish in your sushi. …

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