Taking Nutrition to the NEXT Level With Juicing

I do hope that you continue drinking smoothies, and don’t treat the challenge as a temporary thing.

So today, I want to ask you a question:

Do you want to live to be a hundred, while still being full of energy, passion, and–most of all–healthy? Do you want your family to thrive?

You do?

If so, then you should look into adding juicing to your repertoire.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: “Is this really necessary? I’m already drinking green smoothies, and eating plenty of healthy fruits and veggies, why do I need juices? Aren’t they too much work, anyway? WHO HAS THE TIME FOR THAT?”

Yeah, I hear you. I had those thought too (especially the last one, believe me, I’ve been there!).

However, the undeniable fact is this. Juicing provides the most concentrated nutrition, in the form that’s easiest for our body to absorb.

healthy juice made of organic fresh fruits and vegetables

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The Benefits of Juicing: Top 4 reasons why you may want to give juicing a chance

Although I’m a great believer in green smoothies and I pretty much gave up on juicing the last couple of years, I decided to give juicing another try.

Just a few days ago I purchased a brand new Breville juicer (which, by the way, came with a free DVD “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” movie), brought a few bags of produce from a farmers market, and set of to make some colorful juice.

So I made a few quarts of vegetable juice and we sat down with my husband (who, incidentally, came down with a fever and a nasty virus infection) to watch the Joe Cross documentary of his 60 juicing reboot.

Here is why.

benefits of juicing

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