The Anti-Flu, Immune-Boosting Super Smoothie for Kids & Adults

The flu season is coming, and -like it or not- it will last up till the end of spring. So it’s time for the Anti-Flu, Immune-Boosting Super Smoothie recipe.

I may have said it before 😉 but if you want to beat a cold, you need to add more the fruits, vegetables, and leafy to your diet. It’s also common knowledge that less processed (preferably raw) is better – especially when it comes to vitamin C, since it begins to degrade with heating (above 70-75˚), so what better way to eat it than in a green smoothie?

So, instead of stocking up on tissues, cold medication and cough syrup, I recommend that you If you’d rather stock up on fruits and greens. <Here’s what you need to know about using green smoothies to avoid flu and cold this winter season.


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