If you read any of my previous blog posts, you know that I’m ABSOLUTELY-POSITIVELY OBSESSED with GREEN SMOOTHIES, and if you don’t know what green smoothies are and you’re not drinking them every day, or at least every week or so–then SIGN UP for my upcoming GREEN RESET CHALLENGE RIGHT NOW so you can start experiencing all the benefits of these fantastic drinks ASAP!!!

Seriously, you should be drinking lots and lots of fresh green smoothies EVERY SINGLE DAY (or as often as you possibly can ;-)). Green smoothies are super easy to make, but if you’re just starting out, you may have some questions. So today, let’s talk about blenders and try to answer the MOST PRESSING QUESTION of all, namely:


(Okay, I know there is no such word as bestest, but–whatever! This is not the time to fuss about the word choice or play the grammar police, because that’s not why you’re here.  I’m guessing you are here to learn about the best blender for smoothies, which I’m going to reveal RIGHT NOW, so PLEASE, PLEASE keep reading.

So, tell me, which do YOU think is better:

–> A PORTABLE PERSONAL blender that fits in your luggage so you can take it with you whenever you’re on the go.

–> A COMPACT HANDHELD IMMERSION  blender that you can take apart and stash in your kitchen drawer and have it at the ready whenever you need it.

–> A no-nonsense, counter-top appliance, that’s DEPENDABLE and DOESN’T BREAK THE BANK.

–> A HIGH-SPEED, SMOOTHIE-MAKING MONSTER MACHINE, that’s unabashedly taking the most prominent space on your kitchen counter, and cost more than all the other small appliances in  your kitchen.

There are so many brands, features, colors and styles–SO WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE???

Well, the short answer is–it depends ;-).

Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve your health, feed a picky eater, or simply eat more healthfully, a quality blender will be your best friend–AS LONG AS YOU USE IT.

In addition to making fantastic green smoothies and blended salads, you can have fun with making healthy soups, nut butters, whole-food juicing, whereby all or most of the fruits and vegetables are blended to a refreshing, vitamin-packed drink, and even decadent, but super-healthy ice-creams and desserts. (Too healthy sounding? The following blender pics will also make a killer margaritas, LOL.)

best smoothie maker

When shopping for a kitchen appliance, obviously price is always a factor, but it shouldn’t be the main decision point. Even though you pay a premium price for a Vitamix bleder or Blendtec, you will get not just the smoothest smoothies, soups and ice-creams, but also unmatched durability. In other words, if you need to buy several cheap blenders over the years, then you may not be saving any money after all.

For a well-rounded machine that won’t break the bank, consider the top-rated Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004, $60. It does practically everything well, including smoothies and icy drinks, and it’s also very quiet. Its brand mate, the Ninja Professional NJ600, also delivers excellent versatility for $100. OmniBlend seems to also be an excellent choice. (According to the manufacturer, OmniBlend comes with a powerful 3 hp. motor. so it crushes ice and blends the thickest of ingredients. The motor is designed for many years of use with built in protection features, plus it’s energy efficient. It draws only the amount of wattage required to blend the ingredients.)

If you’ve read any other of my blog posts, you may know that Vitamix is the blender I often use and for a long time it used to be my favorite kitchen appliance. If you can afford it, it’s definitely a top brand to consider. Even though it’s priced more than most other models; but you get consistent performance, versatility, extended warranty, and excellent customer service. The Vitamix Professional Series 750 is several inches shorter, so it can slide under the upper cabinet while sitting out on your counter.

Even though you pay a premium price for a Vitamix bleder or Blendtec, you will get not just the smoothest smoothies, soups and ice-creams, but also unmatched durability. In other words, if you need to buy several cheap blenders over the years, then you may not be saving any money after all.

Breville also makes excellent and affordable blenders. It’s a good blender for smoothies and icy drinks and excellent for pureeing. Plus, the Breville is more sleek looking than a lot of other models, thanks to its glass jar and die-cast aluminum base.

But what about hand blenders?

Can they make a decent smoothie?


A hand blender is a FANTASTIC option, especially in a small kitchen or when you’re on the road. For a long time, I didn’t consider a hand-held blender as a viable option for making smoothies, but boy, was I wrong!

For some reason, when I tried to make a smoothie, it didn’t come out right. Of course, after I discovered what I was doing wrong, making smoothies even with a handheld immersion blender is a breeze! After I learned a few tricks, the smoothies come out delicious every time!

Regardless of whether you want to make smoothies with immersion blenders or not, it’s still worth it investing in one of those. They’re super versatile, plus they’re cute too!

Here is the honest truth—you don’t need a ‘real’ blender to make a smoothie. That’s right. You don’t have to spend money on a big 72-ounce monster blender that will take up your precious counter space just to make smoothies.

An immersion blender can do so much more than sit in your drawer until you’re making pumpkin soup. The small but powerful blades of the immersion blender are just as good at pulverizing frozen fruit as they are at pureeing vegetables. You can easily make single (or double, or even triple) serving smoothie using just an immersion blender. Just blend your smoothie in the container that came with your immersion blender, rinse the blade, and you’re done. (And, BTW, any wide-mouthed jar will work for that purpose. And, if you are one of those breakfast-on-the-go persons, slap a lid on your smoothie jar, and head out into the world. Your hand blender is one of the handiest tools in your kitchen!

Here is the most important thing about using an immersion blender to make smoothies—ensure you submerge the whole blade in the liquid before turning it on.

If the blade isn’t immersed completely in the liquid, the blender will have a hard time blending the ingredients (plus, it may spatter all over you and your kitchen with such determination that you’ll be cleaning up purple stains for the next three months, making you deeply regret the whole Green Reset Adventure. So if you want to drink your smoothie instead of wearing it, proceed with caution.)

Once you plunge the blade into the liquid, pressing it firmly to the bottom, turn the button to start blending. Slowly move the blade up and down to make sure all the ingredients get incorporated. If at any point the solid bits in the mixture clog the machine, unplug the immersion blender before doing any detangling.

Please, pretty please, for the love of smoothies—and your fingers—don’t mess with the blade unless the engine is unplugged! The button is way too easy to accidentally press, and last I checked we’re making a GREEN smoothie, not a BLOODY smoothie. Plus, if you’re rushed off to the hospital for emergency finger stitches you’re not going to get to drink your smoothie first.

Here is an easy recipe for you to try with your immersion blender:

Cut half a frozen banana into small chunks and drop them into the immersion blender container or jar along with 1/2 cup spinach, ¼ cup frozen blueberries, 6 halved fresh strawberries, and a heaping tablespoon of nut butter (almond works really well with these fruits). If you’re interested in a more complex flavor, drop in a ¼-inch pieceof fresh, peeled ginger and a few fresh mint or sage leaves. Pour in 1 cup of water or plant milk. If the liquid doesn’t reach the top of the solid stuff, pour more milk or some coconut water until the fruit is well covered. Blend and enjoy!

My kitchen is small now, so I keep my Vitamix stashed on a windowsill, plus, because I’m living in Europe now, I have to use a heavy-duty transformer to make the blender work with the different voltage. Since counter space is limited, so let’s just say it’s not ideal.

I still use Vitamix to make a full blender of smoothie (or two) for the whole family, but to make a quick smoothie in the morning, the small, hand-held blender is JUST PERFECT.

spinach smoothie recipe

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

If you have a favorite recipe, why not submit it here in the comment section of this green smoothie recipes blog for others to enjoy too!

Spinach Smoothie in Vitamix

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