Most people worry about not getting enough calcium. But should you worry about getting too much calcium? Can a person overdose on calcium?

Excessive levels of calcium in the blood lead to a condition known as hypercalcemia, which can have many causes, including calcium overdose.

The good news is, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would overdose on calcium from natural food sources. Therefore, in order to optimally need your calcium requirements, it’s best to consume lots of whole foods that are naturally rich in this mineral.

On the other hand, an overdose of calcium supplements, or other supplements such as vitamin D that increase calcium absorption in the body, can have serious side effects.

Generally, people should not be concerned about the toxicity of calcium or the effects of eating too many calcium-rich foods. Even if you ingest too much calcium your digestive tract will absorb most of it. The only side effects that may occur are constipation or bloating (which are extremely rare).

The acute symptoms of calcium overdose can cause nausea and vomiting, muscle weakness, diarrhea or constipation and drowsiness. Many people report that taking too much calcium can cause joint pain.

Excessive consumption of supplementary calcium leading to chronic high blood levels of calcium can increase the likelihood of kidney stones, kidney damage and failure, abnormal heart rhythms, calcification in areas of the body other than bone tissue, dementia and coma. Too much calcium can also interfere with iron absorption.

Ironically while many people ingest extra calcium supplements to improve their bone health, this can also block the uptake of manganese and that is actually bad for bone health.

Just another proof that natural is best, and one more reason to drink your calcium-rich green smoothies!

Hidden Dangers of Supplements

Hidden Dangers of Supplements

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