“Exposed: The Truth About Eating Fish Or What Your Doctor Never Told You About Fish & Fish Oil Supplements. Fish Are Friends Not Food”

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What you’ll read about:

Fish is a health food: fact or fiction? 5
What are Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fats?
What are the best sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids?
Do you need Omega-3 supplements?
What to do to prevent a deficiency?
Omega-3 recommendations
The Environmental Impact of eating Fish
Problems with Fishing Industry
Is “Sustainable Fishing” an Answer?


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“The average American eats 16 pounds of fish per year but the 2010 USDA Guidelines recommends doubling the amount of seafood we eat because of “health benefits”. Health benefits to us? To our planet? To the fishing industry? Our country consumed 5 billion pounds of seafood in 2010. Perhaps it would make sense for the USDA to inform consumers of all the health benefits of eating plant based foods, the many and significant advantages these foods have over eating fish, and emphasize the continued global depletion that occurs with every bite of fish that we take. It also, then, would make sense for all influential organizations and our media to spend at least the same amount of time disseminating the reality of the negative effects of our choice to eat fish as is spent on them being a source of omega 3s. Everyone needs to know the full impact eating fish has on the health of our planet and on our own health. It is time to become aware. Instead of mass producing, harvesting, catching, killing and eating fish—just let them live.” Dr. Richard Oppenlander

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Coming soon to Amazon Kindle!