Green Reset Formula Bundle

You can now get all the Green Reset Formula Books for FREE! Here is how:

Get my Body Reset and Green Reset Course Bundle and receive all the books in the Green Reset Series for FREE, which also includes all the future books that will come out in the series (at least 2 more are in the works).

The series is available for free for all the members of Green Reset Formula course and/or Body Reset course. (Available for just $49 HERE)

The series includes:

The Green Reset Formula books contain 100+ recipes, plus tips and tricks. It includes the following books right now–check them out on Amazon, with more books coming soon (you will get access to them as well for FREE if you join the Body Reset course right now):

Green Reset! 6-Week Green Smoothie and Juicing Challenge (with recipes, shopping lists, tips, detox advice, and more) (Green Reset Formula Book 1)

Easy Green Smoothie Recipe Book for Kids & Adults: Get Your Family Drinking Greens, Fruits & Veggies with Green Reset Formula! (Green Reset Formula Book 2)

Easy Raw Soups: 30+ Super-Easy, Super-Healthy Raw Food Recipes Bursting With Flavor and Compassion! (Green Reset Formula Book Book 3)

Easy Soups! Creamy, Thick & Satisfying Soups That Fill You Up Without Compromising Your Waistline, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol or Ethics (Green Reset Formula Book 4)

Check out the whole bundle here:

Green Reset Recipe Book Bundle: 100+ Easy Recipes for Healthy Living

So, check out the Body Reset and Green Reset Course Bundle, which is a fantastic deal if you want to RESET your HEALTH and WEIGHT, and get the Green Reset Formula Books as a FREE BONUS.

To Your Health!