is not just about greening your diet.

It’s about greening your entire life and the planet.

The number and enormity of problems facing us today seems insurmountable: sharp health decline of the entire population, lack of money for healthy school lunch programs, broken health care system, environmental destruction, social injustice, upcoming energy crisis, and high unemployment.

These issues are pressing, and yet it seems that there is never enough money to fix any of them.

So, if you had a trillion dollars, what would YOU spend it on?

Does this chart represent YOUR priorities?

Proposed Discretionary Spending

(Discretionary Spending FY 2013 – National Priorities Project.)

Sadly, this chart does represent our current reality. But it can change. After all, it’s our money!

If not, raise your voice today!

The current debate in Congress and throughout our nation offer us the best opportunity in years to make progress on this vital issue which impacts everything that we care about. People all over the U.S. are slowly waking up to the reality that we are not broke. Instead, our budget choices reflect our priorities. To make sure we are building a safe, clean, peaceful future we must raise our voices to shift our spending priorities.

You can take action by going to the Physicians for Social Responsibility site.