I think I may have bought the bunch of the GREENEST BANANAS that were ever sold on the Eastern Side of the continental US (specifically, in New Jersey). I wrote a couple of days ago about the Peach Avocado Smoothie that I made and how I laugh at those who say they don’t buy green bananas (or, even worse, sing it).

But here I am. Two days later, and still no ripe bananas. 🙁

So I ended up making a smoothie with some peaches, papaya, avocado, cucumber, plus collard greens and dandelion greens (shown in the photo), and the smoothie turned out quite green, even for my taste. I mean it was okay, but nothing to rave about.

So, does that happen to you and what do you do in such situations (other than closing your eyes and gulping it down as quickly as possible)?

I wrote before about various ways to fix a smoothie that doesn’t taste so great, but what’s your go-to method?


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