Start Your Day Right With Super Food Smoothies

The beginning of the day may feel the most rushed, but is also one of the most important times for your body and your health. As you wake up in the morning and continue to push the snooze button for that final five minutes of added sleep you may be sleeping away the most important meal of the day. Instead, you can start your day off right with super food smoothies as a healthy breakfast.


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How to get a Vitamix Blender for Less

(Guest Post) The Vitamix blender has been known to be top in its class when it comes to being the essential tool for delicious smoothies and other finely processed foods. However, its price has been more than a little daunting for many.

I remember looking back for years hoping and waiting to finally find a Vitamix at a price I thought was reasonable and every year, I was left disappointed. Then finally, one year, luck was on my side.

Working for a computer company, I regularly attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Vitamix had this beautiful display featuring all of their wonderful blenders and giving samples of some of their best-tasting smoothies. When the show was over, I lingered around the displays longingly looking at the blenders, wishing I could finally get one….

buy Vitamix for less

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Secret Recipe to Make Your Kids Eat Those Veggies!

(Guest Post) For some parents it’s a nightmare to get their kids to eat vegetables. When my daughter came along, I realized for the first time just how much of a pain I must have been to my blessed mother with my instant rejection of anything that remotely resembled any form of vegetables. However, my trick of coaxing my daughter to suspend the vendetta against vegetables became much easier when I discovered this recipe.

In fact, she ended up liking it so much that I made it conditional for her to have some vegetables twice a week if she wanted this soup on weekends. The arrangement has been happily working so far with no complaints on either side. I hope you will achieve similar or better success with this dish!…

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Five Tips On Gluten-Free Cooking

If you or someone in your family has been recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance, it can be quite difficult to know what you can or cannot eat. Is that chocolate cake okay? Can I still add cashews when preparing a coconut curry dish? It may seem confusing at first but trust me; it does get…

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Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffins Recipe: Simply Delicious and Oh-So-Good-For-You

Filled with cholesterol-reducing organic oats, the multifaceted superfood flax, and mixed with almond milk, containing plenty of calcium and vitamin E, these muffins provide an amazing combination of taste and nutrition. They also contain cinnamon, which has its own benefits on top of being delicious, like regulating blood flow and circulation.

This recipe makes 12 muffins, and you can play around and add or subtract or modify as you see fit. I made mine on the thicker side, with more oats for texture, but you can use the recommended amount below if you like a lighter muffin.

Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

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The Super- C Tropical Green Smoothie

On the fruit side of things this recipe calls for ripe mango, orange and pineapple in this smoothie creating a great mix of sweetness to balance the taste of the earthy greens. The high vitamin C content of this smoothie has great immune boosting benefits- as I write this I have made it through this year’s cold and flu season without a touch of illness while many of my family and friends have been down for weeks. I owe a sizable degree of my wellness to drinking two of these smoothies per day for the last 3 months! Here is the recipe; this makes about 32 oz, or roughly two servings.

Pineapple-Mango-Spinach Smoothie

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Starting My Juicing Life Style Today

(Guest Post) Most people know the importance of nutrition, but we fail to make a life style change. Yeah, I know it’s hard especially when we live in a society that wants everything right away and fast food joints are everywhere you look. If you are like me you have tried a number of things to eat health and loose weight. I started implementing juicing daily on March 19th, 2013. My goal is to substitute juicing for one meal and do light exercise. I’m documenting all of this on my website like my favorite juice recipe here…

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