The Vitamix blender has been known to be top in its class when it comes to being the essential tool for delicious smoothies and other finely processed foods. However, its price has been more than a little daunting for many.

I remember looking back for years hoping and waiting to finally find a Vitamix at a price I thought was reasonable and every year, I was left disappointed. Then finally, one year, luck was on my side.

Working for a computer company, I regularly attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Vitamix had this beautiful display featuring all of their wonderful blenders and giving samples of some of their best-tasting smoothies. When the show was over, I lingered around the displays longingly looking at the blenders, wishing I could finally get one.

I struck up a conversation with one of their team members and was able to ask them lots of great questions about the strength and durability of the blender. As you can imagine, this only made me want one more as it was even better than I had thought.

Then I asked the golden question –

“How can you get a Vitamix for a better price?”

He looked at me and a big smile came across his face. He said, “Look at these,” as he pointed to all of the blenders sitting on display next to him. He said that at the end of each of these kinds of demonstrations and shows, they take these display models, put them back in their boxes and sell them on the Vitamix website as “refurbished”. He said that they had never been used, but because they had been taken out of their original packaging that they could no longer sell them as new. Therefore, they were all perfectly good, yet sold for less!

Therefore, if you have been wanting to get your very own Vitamix, go to their website where they will regularly place their “refurbished” models which all come with a 5-year full guarantee.

I have now had my “refurbished” Vitamix for over four years and I have gotten such great use out of it. I use it to make the most wonderful smoothies for my family. One of our favorites is so simple, yet beyond nutritious – even my 7-year-old son loves it.

Simply add the following, blend and enjoy!

• 1 whole beet
• 3 apples
• 1 banana
• 1 cup of orange or apple juice (or you can use water)
• 6 carrots
• 1 large handful of spinach

This is a guest post by Vegan123 (, a simple resource for those who are already vegan or vegetarian or for those who are striving to reduce the amount of animal products in their diets.

buy Vitamix for less

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a new blender and still hesitating whether or not to buy VitaMix – because of the price considerations – I say, DON’T. Consider it money well spent, and an investment in your family’s health (think about all the savings on doctor’s visits and medications).

For more information about VitaMix you can go directly to the VitaMix website. You may also want to read my post about the Best Blender.

I LOVE my VitaMix and highly recommend investing in one if you are ready to make serious changes to your diet. I have had mine for almost 5 years and use it daily!

If you decide to purchase Vitamix – be sure to use Promotional Code 06-004554 to get free shipping.

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