You may already know a few things about me. Namely, that I’m an author, blogger, green smoothie enthusiast, vegan, and maybe a few other weird things.

But here is the thing…

I know nothing about you, except that for some strange cosmic reason, you ended up on one of my pages, reading one of my books or articles, and signing up for my list, entrusting me with your email address and attention.

And your attention, even if for a just few seconds, is priceless.

Because you’ll never get those few seconds or minutes (or hours, if you read one of my books!) back.

So, I would like to know—why did you do it?

Did you have a reason, or it was an impulse?

And what did you expect?

Are you a plant-curious omnivore? Vegetarian? Vegan?

Do you want recipes? Advice? Inspiration?

Information? Education? Entertainment?

Of what kind?

Now, I can’t promise you that I’ll deliver whatever you ask me to, but I can perhaps try.

BTW, I’ll tell you more about what I’m planning to write about in the near future. Some of things may already be familiar to you, some things may be new, struck you as strange, or even weird.

So, if you feel like you’d like to share with me a little bit about yourself, then you share your thoughts below or on my Facebook, Instagram, or via email.

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And if not, that’s okay, too. 😊

Because I’ll just keep writing and trying to figure out my role in the big scheme of things in the universe.

P.S. Do you ever ask yourself these questions? “Who am I? Why am I here?” It’s worth asking yourself these questions repeatedly, again and again, because the answers you’ll get may surprise you.