I could list many good reasons why green smoothies are good for you (find some of them in my books, “Green Smoothies for Families” and “Green Reset Challenge”).
But is it just hype?
There are people who don’t see what the fuss is all about.
Isn’t it enough to just “eat your veggies”?

It could be.
But how many greens and veggies have you eaten today? Or this year?
Admit it.

There are exceptions, of course, but statistics don’t lie.
And they reveal that an average person eats a meager quantity of vegetables, and almost no greens.

Now, I’m not implying that you’re an average person. By no means. 😉
But even people who THINK they eat a lot, DON’T REALLY CONSUME THAT MUCH.

Why does it matter?

Let me share my story about what green smoothies did for me.

I always liked fruits and vegetables, and I always ate a decent amount of whole plant foods. And thankfully, I never had serious health problems or with my weight.

Every fall, I’d get hit with flues, runny noses, colds, and allergies. They would last for 3-4 weeks, or even longer, not just a week or two like they’re supposed to.
It sucked.

So, each year I kept dreading the cold season—hated feeling sick with passion, and I wondered if there was anything I could do to change that.

That is when I heard of raw foods, and I thought maybe that could be the answer. So, I tried it, and I lasted a few months (lost 10+ pounds in the process), but eating this way was not easy. I knew this was not sustainable and I couldn’t last long on this kind of diet, especially having a family and a little son. My husband thought I went totally nuts (and bananas!). LOL. I’m laughing now, but believe me, it wasn’t funny.

Frankly, it felt very limiting and … boring.

And then I came across a woman named Victoria Butenko, who popularized a drink called a green smoothie.
It was simply a blended concoction of sweet fruits with lots of greens.
She had plenty of her followers raving about those drinks and what they did for them—getting rid of all kinds of pesky diseases and chronic problems, so I knew I had to try them.

And after one sip, I was sold.
Even my husband and my son loved them—so I started making them all the time, and in huge quantities.
I literally loaded big carts of greens and fruits at farmers’ markets and BJ’s to have a full week’s supply of ingredients.

You should see the look at some people’s faces when they saw me loading on bananas or lettuce! Priceless!

I awaited the fall and winter season with curiosity and apprehension.
If that didn’t work, I don’t know what would.

And you know what happened?

In September of that year, I started experiencing the worse flu symptoms EVER. (Especially bad was mucus coming out of me, like during the worst cold, sorry for graphic details. Honestly, to this day I keep wondering what that was about—and I have a few theories which I may share in the future).

So, that lasted till October. And then it stopped.

And since then—I have never had a bad cold ever again.

I maybe had a runny nose or a sore throat, but even that didn’t happen every year. And it would last only for a couple of days at most.

Now, was that all a coincidence?


Will it work for everyone?
Probably not. It depends on so many factors.
In medicine, a ‘study of one’ is irrelevant.
It’s coincidental, anecdotal, or whatever.

But when I started GreenReset.com (at first, I called it GreenSmoothiesPower.com, but that domain was way too long, and I came up with a better name), I heard such stories again and again.

So, are green smoothies like a magic potion?
Of course not. It’s not like you’ll gulp down a smoothie and be cured of anything in that instant.
But there is also no miracle drug or pill that would cure all diseases.

And if you have green smoothies (or green blended salads, or even just big salads) regularly, in substantial quantities, these things are as close as they get.

Plus, they also did another thing for me, but I’ll tell you about it in another post.

To your health,

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