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Perfect Breakfast & Brunch: Green Smoothie + Veggie Scramble with Tofu

Perfect Breakfast & Brunch: Green Smoothie + Veggie Scramble with Tofu

Today I want to share with you this recipe for a veggie-tofu scramble. If you don’t love tofu, you are certainly not alone. For me, it certainly wasn’t the love at first bite.

I’ve really only recently started to experiment with this ingredient, and the beginnings have been less than satisfying.

However, as I experiment more and more, I learned that it’s worth to try different brands and types of tofu, as they each are slightly different. I have to say – I’m loving the tofu I bought last week at Trader Joe’s. The silky tofu is just to die for in deserts (such as this chocolate mousse), and the super firm one that I tried this morning in my veggie-tofu scramble is not too shabby either.

Part of the success of the tofu scramble may be in the recipe. I used Isa Moscowitz’ recipe from the “Vegan Brunch” book.

If you think of tofu scramble as a bland, boring dish, that’s a sad substitute for an egg-scramble; you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Isa’s tofu scramble is by no means bland, bursting with flavor and aroma. You won’t miss eggs, I promise! (Unless you are a die-hard meat-and-dairy eater like my husband, that is).