How a Young Mom Lost 56 lbs & Got Rid of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Insomnia & IBS By Drinking Green Thickies

If you are struggling with weight loss and chronic health conditions, and you think that a healthier diet might help, but you are not sure how to implement that diet into your lifestyle, here is an inspiring story for you.

“Before green smoothies I had tried so many different types of diets to lose weight ranging from Weight Watchers, to Atkins and I never felt good on any of them. I had the wrong motivations as I was just trying to lose weight. When I became a vegan and started drinking green smoothies, my motivation was to become healthier, and that led to a long lasting change of my diet that is now just a way of life for me. A side benefit has been losing 56 pounds but if that had been my only motivation, I’m not sure I would have had the same success.”

Read the full interview with Katherine Natalia here.


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Why Diets Don’t Work: Nutritional Quality, Food Addictions & Weight Loss

According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, diets don’t work, because people who are already nutritionally deficient, when they cut back on calories, they become even more nutritionally deficient.  As a result, their body develops a series of cravings and sensations that drives them to overeat preventing them from successfully losing weight. Until the food addiction is…

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10+ Smoothie & Blended Soup Recipes For Weight Loss: Is Weight Loss Possible with Green Smoothies

Many people ask me about whether they will lose weight by drinking green smoothies.

The definite answer to this question is “Maybe.”

It really depends on your specific circumstances: how much smoothies are you drinking, what are you eating in addition to smoothies, what is your physical activity level, how often do you exercise, how committed you are to your diet and exercise, etc.

Generally speaking, green smoothies should help most people lose weight because they help you super-charge your body with nutrient-rich foods, foods that are nutrient-dense, and yet low-in-calories. They will also help break your food addictions, and, according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, most people in America are serious food addicts.…

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