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I was really proud of myself for not getting sick the past FOUR years (after being used to getting sick at least 3-4 times per year every year), UNTIL about 3 weeks ago I got really sore throat, runny nose, and some serious headaches, which altogether lasted about 5 days — how annoying!

Yes, I’m drinking my green smoothies every day; yes, I make fresh juice more regularly – at least 2-3 times per month; and yes, I’m eating fairly healthful vegan diet (except for excessive cookie binges), but apparently that’s not enough. Admittedly my exercise routine is nonexistent, and with the cold weather I hardly ever get out (except for an occasional skiing trip), spending my days at a computer desk.

Even though the cold wasn’t too bad and didn’t last very long (in the past, my colds lasted 2-3 weeks or more), I decided to do something about it.

Mainly, because if I’m struggling, I think many of you are struggling too. And it’s no fun being sick. And I’m not talking just about those annoying colds and an occasional flu.

My father died prematurely from a diabetes-related heart disease, after having suffered from diabetes for over twenty years. He was overweight most of his adult life. Two years ago, at the age 69, he suffered a heart attack. When the doctors examined his heart and arteries, they were so damaged that they decided he needed bypass surgery.

He survived the triple bypass, but things went downhill pretty quickly from there, and he passed away just two months after the surgery. When my mom went to the hospital last time, they told her “Your husband is dying. There is nothing we can do for him.” And that was true. It was already too late. Modern medicine and doctors had done everything in their power to save my dad: years of diabetes medications, monitoring blood sugar levels, and finally heart surgery. There was nothing else that could have been done.

Or was there?

It’s easy to blame it all on genetics. My father had two brothers. His older brother died a couple of years before him, from a diet/lifestyle related disease. The youngest of the three, my father-in-law, is the only one still alive. Well, he just went through a triple bypass surgery, just like my dad. Their mother, and my grandmother, also had diabetes and died prematurely. So I can see, how explaining it all and blaming it with bad genes is tempting. It’s easy to say “it just happens” or “disease is a part of getting old.”

It makes me angry when I hear these kinds of statements, because I know that we can do more than just wait for disease to happen. We can prevent and reverse disease, even cancer, with food.

So my mission with this website is to inspire people (YOU!) to change their diet starting with this ONE simple habit: drinking green smoothies and juices regularly.

And, it’s not just about preventing disease and reaching your ideal body size, although all that will likely happen too. It’s about being able to enjoy your life and live it to your full potential.

So the question I have for you today is this:

Do you want to join me in a healthy green smoothie & juicing challenge?

The challenge would involve committing to drinking green smoothies and/or juices every day, as well as sticking to cleansing plant based diet, for at least a week, but preferably more, 10 days, 14 days or even 30 days.

What you’ll receive:

  • Recipes (of course) for SMOOTHIES and JUICES
  • Theory behind it (for those of you who like to dig deep and want the answer to questions such as WHY and HOW that works)
  • Tips and tricks how to make it work
  • What to eat beyond smoothies and juices (before, during, and after the cleanse, for best results) with complete meal suggestions and recipes
  • Answers to your questions

GREEN RESET Membership