Protein Smoothies For Athletes and Body Builders

One of the biggest concerns that individuals have when considering the option to go vegan is whether or not they will be able to receive the proper amount of protein that their bodies need. This concern is amplified ten-fold when it comes to fitness-oriented individuals like bodybuilders and athletes.

Well, the answer is that it’s very easy to be able consume enough protein as a vegan, even for athletes and weightlifters.

The key to promoting fitness in the body and maximizing the benefits of working is out highly dependent on post-workout nutrition. It is absolutely essential to take in lots of carbohydrates and protein after a workout so that the muscles can jumpstart the recovery process.

To that light, the following smoothies are great choices for the vegan who wants to make a quick post-workout drink.

Super Sweet Banana Nut Protein Blaster

-one banana
-one tablespoon of agave syrup or molasses
-half a cup of almonds
-a quarter cup of organic granola
-a quarter cup of raisins
– two scoops of vanilla Sun Warrior vegan protein powder
-one cup of soy milk
-a handful of ice cubes

This one’s really sweet so beware! Take the banana and chop it up into little slices. Next, throw in the almonds, the granola, and the raisins and pour in about half of the milk. Blend for a good minute. Toss in the protein powder and the agave syrup (or the molasses if that’s what you’re using) and throw in the ice-cubs. Blend until smooth and pour yourself a nice cup of delicious, energy packed nutrients for a solid post workout meal.

No Such Thing as Too Much Berry

-one cup strawberries
-half a cup of blueberries
-half a cup of raspberries
-half a cup of blackberries
-half a banana
-one and a half cup of vanilla flavored almond milk
-two scoops of vanilla Sun Warrior vegan protein powder
-a handful of ice cubes

This one is very popular! Toss the strawberries in with the half banana and pour in half the cup of almond milk. Blend for a solid minute. Pour in the rest of the berries, the protein powder and the milk and blend until it is smooth.  The vanilla flavored protein powder combined with the vanilla flavored almond milk will give this smoothie a strong base that combines very well with all the berries. This smoothie will energize as well due to all the antioxidants found in the various berries.

Not Your Grandma’s Oatmeal Cookies

-half a cup of steel cut oats
-one tablespoon of all natural peanut butter
-two teaspoons of brown sugar
-two scoops of chocolate Sun Warrior vegan protein powder
-one cup of unflavored almond milk
-a handful of ice cubes
-a cup of water

This one takes a bit of preparation, but it’s well worth it! Heat the oatmeal in the cup of water until it’s cooked. A cup should be enough to make the oatmeal watery, but if not, use more. Mix the oatmeal with brown sugar and the protein powder and toss into the blender. Throw in the almond milk and ice cubes and blend! This one can get pretty heavy because of the oatmeal, but what better way to get in all your clean carbs and protein in one shot? This can be a great morning meal as well as a post workout smoothie.

Any of these protein packed smoothies make an amazing choice for a post workout recovery drink. As a general rule of thumb the amount of ice used is really a personal preference so don’t be afraid to experiment until the consistency of the smoothie is suitable. Also, the smoothies described here are on the larger side – they are meant to take advantage of the post-workout need for calories and energy. The option to make the smoothies and split them into two serving is there as well.

Author Bio

This is a Guest Post by Victoria Abrams. Vic currently represents dualFIT, a great resource online to get more information about compound exercises.