Colonoscopy is a procedure I heard a lot about, but never tried myself. I know that many people in the health niche highly recommend it, but I’m still a bit skeptical.  If you’re thinking about it, here is a guest article on how to get ready.

There are a many things that scare people stiff when it comes to matters dealing with their health. Top of that list is needles. Needles keep a lot of people from hospitals as some of them are mortified by the thought of them entering the skin. That aside, blood is also another thing that can drive people insane. It is not rare to hear that someone fainted after seeing blood. If you are afraid of blood, then do not even think of medicine as a profession.

There are several other things in this list including the use of certain medication and the smell of hospital in general. However, the list can not be complete without including procedures such as colonoscopy. Many people just find it intrusive and even imagine it to be the most painful procedure on earth. You might find that you are scheduled for one at least once in a lifetime. So, how do you go about it so as to be prepared for it?

a) Getting prepared

Unfortunately, you cannot just wake and get this bowel checking procedure done without prior preparation. Here are a few tips on what you should do. The main aim of these tips is to clear your bowels so that the doctor can see your insides clearly.

A few hours to the procedure, you should take clear liquids only. This includes things like tea, coffee and broth. They are to help in cleansing your system.

Several man made chemicals can also be used as instructed by your physician. These include things like Polyethylene Glycol and oral sodium phosphates. Laxatives can also be added in this category. The main aim is to help clean your system and these substances make sure that all the waste in your body comes out. They should be taken the night before the procedure.

b) Additional tips

Just like any medical procedure, there are some few pointers that could make this particular procedure more pleasant and bearable.

As stated earlier, this procedure does not happen on a moment’s notice.Therefore, you need to go to your doctor’s in good time and make sure you receive the necessary instructions in good time. Some could recommend a week to cleanse your system and others a day. Whichever the case, just know you will require medicated wipes and tissues as you are bound to spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom

You should consider wearing loose clothing. This is easier to manage when you get the urge to go to the bathroom. Another very important thing is to ensure that you are in close proximity to a bathroom or otherwise you might end up soiling yourself.

Variety is the spice of life. Having said this, just because you have been told to drink clear liquids does not mean you drink water alone. Get a variety of clear drinks such as broth and coffee.