Fish Is a Healthy Food: Fact or Fiction?

We hear it all the time, from doctors, dieticians, fitness trainers, and our mothers: we must eat fish to thrive and be healthy. For their fats (omega 3s), vitamin D, and protein. Even people who consider themselves vegetarians, often admit that they eat fish.

There is so much propaganda and misinformation surrounding the eating of fish and seafood that most people fail to realize that we have been talked into consuming a food that is really not good for us (or for the environment; and especially for the fish and other sea life, for that matter).

But let me explain…

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Fish are friends, not food: Fish toxicity

Now, you may be rolling your eyes at another “truth” being exposed, but I challenge you to read my book about eating fish and fish supplements and tell me you did not learn something new.

Read the entire book – coming soon to Amazon Kindle: The Truth About Eating Fish and Fish Oil

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